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Paso Fino TackAs all Paso Fino owners will know, tracking down the right piece of tack for your Paso can be difficult. We keep a stock of tack suitable for Paso Finos, including Bosals, Barbadas, Reins, Bit Hangers and so on.

We can also advise you on the choice of tack for your particular Paso.

Headstall/Bridle:  This goes over the ears and consists of cheek straps, browband, and a throatlash.

Bosal:  This is the piece that goes over the top of the nose.

Barbada:  This is the piece that goes under the chin.

Bit Hanger:  The bit and bit hanger are separate pieces from the bridle. 

Full details on Paso Fino Tack website

Paso Fino Tack

Kuda Leather-Flex Saddles

The Kuda Leather Flex Saddle Range

Originally designed for the Paso Fino, the saddles provide exceptional freedom in the shoulder allowing these horses which use a lot of vertical shoulder movement to move more freely and expressively. The perfect saddle choice for any gaited horse.


Bit with 'C' shank and copper rollers  
Bit with 'C' shank and Stainless Steel rollers  
Bit with square shank and copper rollers  
Bit with toad leg and stainless steel barrels.  
Flat leather noseband - bosal  
Braided leather noseband - bosal  
Leather noseband with knobs - bosal  

Paso Fino books

Paso Fino Horses

Paso Fino Horses - by Raúl Estrada Londoño


  1. The Colombian Paso Fino and his Current Purity
  2. The Colt
  3. Training
  4. The Colombian bit for Saddle Horses
  5. Determining a Horse's age by examining dentition
  6. Miscellaneous Topics on Chalanería: Chalanería Vs. Equitation
  7. "Marcha" - Modalities - Gaits - Airs - Pace
  8. The Columbian Paso Fino in the Light of Technology
  9. Illustrated index of Colombian Chalanería Criolla

Rancho Pavo Real are a UK and European agent for Kuda Leather-Flex Tree Saddles.

Leather-Flex Tree Saddles