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Paso Finos UK Spring Show

The 14th April 2007 will go down in UK Paso Fino history as the date of the first Paso Fino show in the UK, sponsored by the PFAE. We are delighted to say that it was a great success and everyone enjoyed the day. Carlos Tobon conducted a two day clinic prior to the show, which was very well attended and helped the participants to prepare. Carlos Tobon was assisted by Richard Ore and Alma Haylor, who judged the dressage. We were joined by riders and horses from three other farms in the UK; De Magna Carta farm, in Hampshire, Southdown Farm, in Devon, and LS Paso Finos, North London. We had five junior riders aging from 12 to 16; which we expect great things from in the future. Most of these young riders were very inexperienced with Paso Finos and all were riding horses that they were not used to. Despite this, Carlos was very pleased with the standard they produced.

There were riders and spectators from as far away as Ireland, Peru, Germany, Columbia and the US. It was a truly multi-cultural event, which spilled over into the following two days as people stayed on to enjoy the horses and atmosphere. The show was competitive but was kept informal to encourage everyone to take part and enjoy themselves. There was good food and good music and everyone was engulfed by the spirit of the occasion.

We were delighted to have with us our good friends Daren and Iris Ashman, from the Icelandic horse breed, who joined in with their delightful horses, which added to the fun of the day; and Iris gave Rachel and Danesa a run for their money in the Champagne class. Iris demonstrated the Icelandic tolt on their fantastic stallion Columbus, whose flowing silver mane and tail attracted the attention of many of the Paso Fino mares.

The audience was wowed by an outstanding demonstration by Negresco during the lunch break. He was very happy to show the elegance of a Paso Fino stallion with the brio that comes with it.

There were 17 horses and approximately 20 riders competing in the show, for the awards of the Highpoint Junior, Highpoint Amateur and Highpoint Professional. This was an excellent number as there are only 60 of the Pasos in the UK. On the Saturday there were 60+ members of the public who came to see the event.

We were fortunate the weather was like summer, which is unusual for April in England but added to the general ambience of the day. It was uplifting to have so many Paso Fino breeders and riders come together to enjoy this event and we have made many new friends. We welcome the newest member of our flock, Christina Dietmann, who is at Southdown Farm in Devon. She was a great pleasure to have around and made such good work of riding the horses.

We would like to thank the PFAE for their generosity in sponsoring the show, which is much appreciated. As a result of the publicity generated, we have now been approached by the societies of the Peruvian Pasos, Tenessee Walkers, Saddlebreds, Icelandics and the Purebred Spanish horses to hold a large show encompassing all of these breeds, which will enable us to hire a larger venue for next time.

We have been invited to appear at the Royal Windsor Horse show in May this year; where we will be giving a 40 minute demonstration on all four days 10-13th May. This is held in the grounds of Windsor Castle and is attended by the Royal family. It is arguably the most prestigious horse show of the UK equine calendar, with 40,000 people expected through the gates. This is a great opportunity to demonstration this breed to the British public and we are most grateful to be asked to do this. Following this opportunity we have been asked to give Radio and Television interviews. We are expecting the Television crew on 8th May and then they will be following us at the Royal Windsor horse show. The documentary is hopefully to be shown on Sky TV and BBC to feature the Paso Fino and its history. We have also been invited to demonstrate at the Suffolk Show on the 30th and 31st May, with the Purebred Spanish horses; which gives the opportunity to show the elegance of the Paso Fino with some of their ancestors.

We feel that these opportunities have come about due to our chance to host the Spring Paso Fino Show and we would like to extend our thanks to the Committee of the PFAE for their continuing support of our Regional Branch in the UK, which is enabling us to further the breed here.