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2008 European Paso Fino Championships- Kreuth

A short report from Dave Gladwin

The European Paso Fino Championships were held at the magnificent East Bavarian Equestrian Centre at Kreuth, Germany. Four days of competition between nearly 100 Paso Finos from across Europe. For the Paso Fino enthusiast this is the place to be!

European Paso Fino Championships 2008

The 10 horses from Rancho Pavo Real and several other owners arrived on the Monday after the 24 hour journey looking fit and well. They were joined by the new stallion Machiavelli de la Tierra who was already in Germany. We had two days to prepare the horses and get them familiar with the huge Olympic arena. The work of looking after the horses was shared between a dozen of us; two on watering, two mucking out, one sweeping, one preparing feed, and so on... all under the watchful eye of Yvonne - the Chef d'equip. We soon became known as "The Bowen Crew"!

For the crew, the show kicked off with the quality proofing with the two stallions Destello IA and Machiavelli de la Tierra. We were elated when Destello was awarded a Gold standard and Machiavelli a Silver standard, a real endorsement of their quality.

We moved on through Dressage to the Bella Forma, where Destello became our first winner. Natural Gaiters Adult and Schooling followed with more rosettes for Destello and Machiavelli bagging his first winners sash. Classes came thick and fast, grooming, tacking up, warming up, compete, un-tack and cooling wash. Day by day the stable doors sprouted more and more rosettes and sashes

Between the eleven horses we racked up 44 placings - well done UK and Ireland! The two stallions were called in to the final presentations. Destello having achieved the gold standard for quality proofing and won his Bella Forma class and a number of other placements, and Machiavelli with two firsts, a second and two thirds to his credit. The final presentation was for the Champion of Champions of the show, Machiavelli was place 4th overall, an outstanding achievement, with all credit to his riders, Lesley, Freddy and Stan.

See the full results of the 'Bowen Crew' here.

Overall the show was a great success both in it's organization and the achievements of the Bowen Crew. I'd like to mention two of the younger horses who gained a huge amount of confidence and experience from the show: Regatta de Evangeline who at just 3 years old was a little over-awed at the show environment, but grew in confidence day by day and her future potential was on show for all to see. Also my youngster, Iago de Pavo Real, who at 4 years old was attending his 2nd big show, he gets my personal award for being Mr Cool as a reward for his two placings.

I'm sure I speak on behalf of the whole Bowen Crew when I say a huge thank you to Yvonne for keeping a firm hand on the tiller and making sure every horse and rider arrived at the right time for the right class! And a big thank you to Margit and the Paso Fino Association of Europe for putting on a spectacular show.

See you in Kreuth in 2010 for the 10th anniversary show.