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Rachel Bowen: Equine Therapist

My name is Rachel Bowen and I am a qualified Reiki Practitioner. I am able to treat humans and animals, but I specialise in horses. I qualified as a Reiki practitioner after deciding on a career change. I completed a Law Degree and a Masters degree in Law but decided that working with horses was my real passion.

I have been surrounded by horses all my life and learned to ride at a very early age. I have always had a close affinity with animals, horses in particular.

Over the years we have bred, owned and looked after many horses, some of which have been very difficult. I found that I was always able to communicate with the horses on a different level and could calm a situation down quite easily, this enabled me to help train nervous or difficult horses. Many horses I have worked with over the years have suffered abuse in the past, or maybe had a serious injury which they were taking too long to recover from.

I not only work with horses with problems, I also work with rider/horse relationship problems as well as general maintenance of happiness and well-being. I currently breed and train Paso Fino horses, which are South American gaited horses, I find that as these horses are hot-bloods, the Reiki helps to enable them to reach their full potential.